Re: Impostor Syndrome

As I’m sure you can tell, I’m about as secure with my technical skills as America’s borders were before the most recent election. It’s exceptionally common to feel like your skills are not at the level employers desire, or that everyone around you is so much more talented then you are. The reality of the situation is that everyone feels like that. All the people that you think are better than you feel the exact same way.

Truth be told, they’re almost definitely better than you, because you’re reading some skid’s blog when you should be socializing. But the fact remains that the feeling you are inferior is most likely exaggerated by your own busted brain.

I’m on the CCDC (Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition) team at my school. Relative to my teammates (who are absolute idiots) I feel incredibly small. Incredibly un-talented. We all have our roles delegated to us, but even where I’m at, I honestly don’t feel like a benefit to the team.

However, sometimes someone says something, and I think “boy, that was straight up retarded.” I think “wait, I know that one. Do they seriously not know that one?”

You realize you knew a thing. Then you think, on a team of 8-12 students, or a classroom of thirty people (or larger depending on how rekt your college is), how many of them ALL knew the same one thing that one of them was talking about earlier? Probably no more than the one who was talking about it, and everyone else learned something.

What I’m saying — in the dumbest way possible — is when you compare yourself to everyone, you’re obviously going to feel inferior. The moments when you’re the only one in the room with a solution to the problem are few and far between because those occasions are divided among everyone in the group. You’ll never be good at everything all the time, and the people who seem to consistently have it together are the only actual impostors.

And at the end of the day, if you really are such a skid that you contribute literally nothing, well then as some effing cartoon character once said: “dude, sucking at something is the first step towards being sorta good at something.”

Source: Cancer Network

So chin up, you filthy skid. One day you can be as mediocre as me.

Later, gators.


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